Understanding Wood

Colour, Grain and Texture Variation

  • Natural solid wood has traditionally been recognised as the preferred material for manufacturing distinctive doors.
  • Wood naturally has a variation in colour, grain and texture caused by changes in weather and soil conditions. Even lumber from two different trees growing side by side can exhibit differences, which most find part of the attractiveness of natural wood.
  • If you are looking for consistency, a painted poplar may be your best optition. 
  • Colour, grain and texture variation reflect the Genius of Nature and therefore we do not warranty any product to be acceptable in terms of colour, grain or texture.

Colour Blending

  • We blend wood strips in our production process to reduce the impact of these fluctuations.
  • Red Oak and Clear Pine wood species have the least degree of colour variation while Western Red Cedar, Black Walnut and Yellow Poplar have the most.