Exotic Options

Combine wood species for unique look. When designing your custom Madawaska Door, you can combine different wood species to accentuate natural grain and colour patterns.

EXOTIC: Each individual component or combination can be crafted using any species you wish.

MOSAIC: All components are crafted from multiple wood species or different shades of the same species arranged in a staggered pattern.This combination produces a very unique look.

RUSTIC MOSAIC: Similar to the Mosaic option, all components aremade from multiple wood species or shades but the pattern is not staggered.

RUSTIC: Crafted from knotty pine with a greater amount of knots and natural imperfections for enhanced provincial charm.

DISTRESSED: Artificially aged wood creates an antique look, aging effect can be mild or extreme.

Combination of the options can be applied to produce a truly ‘original’ door. (Example; Distressed, Mosaic, Exotic) as seen in the photo to the right.

Embossing Adds Further Character A variety of different embossing patterns are available, custom designs
can also be accommodated.