The company has its origins back in 1947 when the Hildebrandt family set up their own small home based business in a workshop adjacent to their homestead in Barry’s Bay. In 1963 the business expanded into our current location, becoming Madawaska Doors in 1973.

Over the years the business changed its size, vision, name and owners. But the same basic methods of fine woodworking are still in use today in our 30,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility.

In July of 2015 the company was acquired by Plaintree Systems, whose CEO David Watson was inspired by the history of the company and its award winning custom doors. Maintaining this heritage, the company continues to operate in the small Eastern Ontario town of Barry’s Bay, close to the heart of Ontario’s forest industry.

Poster from early days of the Hildebrandt Sash and Doors
Many of the same models of doors are still offered today.

All of our waste is compacted into sawdust briquettes and resold or burned to produce heat in the plant. 

Sample of our equipment.