Increase the lifetime of your solid wood products with our state of the art finishing. Avoid incorrectly finishing your solid wood handcrafted products with our proven professional expertise.

We start by removing all dust with a clean damp sponge or cloth, and leaving the door to dry completely. Then we use only the finest paint, stain conditioner, as well as stain and clear-coat products, in which you have selected. You can view the choices below, at of the all Canadian made Goudey high quality colours below.

We lightly sand between coats and verify that it is absorbed into the wood. Our finishing experts apply the proper stain or sealant to all six sides. Which including under the hinges, inside the openings for locks and handles and under the sweeps. Your solid wood product is then packaged with care and arranged to be shipped, using our specially designed protective crating.

We do recommend that you apply a 1/16 bead of clear sealant around the perimeter of glass and wood panels on the exterior side of the doors transoms and sidelites. Apply the sealant over any joint seam where moisture might enter, then wipe it off. This will enhance moisture protection. We recommend Lexel Clear. Please note: Design #1005, #1007, and #2005 require a bead of sealant applied along the top, bottom and face of all grooves on the exterior side of the door.

Ask us to include finishing in your quote.

For further specifications for finishing, check out the Goudey brochure