For over 40 years, we have been creating custom wood products of interior and exterior doors, kitchen cabinet doors, and wood flooring. Using a unique blend of authentic characteristics of wood species and natural grains of wood, Madawaska Doors consistently crafts each door to perfection using old world craftsmanship with new world techniques.

Our team handpicks the wood for each product to meet top of the line quality standards, matching the natural wood grain and cutting to our customer’s specifications based on a custom design using only solid wood (no veneers, no fillers.) The product is then crafted and assembled, sanded to smoothest grain, with glass constructed and installed. Each step of the way is crafted by hands that create a unique custom wood product finished with excellence.

We pride ourselves on being the most environmentally responsible door available. Waste wood is burned to provide heat for our plant, and our sawdust compressed into briquettes for home heating and also used to provide heat for our plant. Our glues use no harmful chemicals. Any non-wood products used have been made from recycled materials, and are themselves recyclable. Madawaska Doors are made using only biodegradable or recyclable constituents – no exceptions. Our Environment Statement is simple: We love our planet and we prove it by our decisions and actions every day! 

Compact sawdust in briquettes.

Sample of our equipment.


Hand crafted and measured to dimension.

The final outcome of our excellent product.